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AlgoScalpPro EA is a sophisticated scalping Expert Advisor tailored for the MetaTrader 4 platform, equipped with a loss recovery system. This EA has been rigorously tested from 2010 to current times to confirm its efficacy in various market scenarios. Testing prior to 2010 was not considered essential due to the high spreads and extreme volatility during those times. It reliably uses stop-loss strategies, complies with FIFO regulations, and avoids using Martingale, grid, or hedging techniques. Additionally, the recovery function of this EA permits a one-time increase in lot size.

ET9 for MT4 V3.7 Without DLL

ET9 represents a high-caliber Expert Advisor (EA) designed specifically for forex trading, with a focus on optimizing performance for gold (XAUUSD) and GBPUSD currency pairs. This advanced automated trading platform utilizes complex strategies to ensure accurate trade executions. Features such as Dynamic Lots enhance profitability, while a Profit Protector mechanism safeguards gains. Additionally, it is fine-tuned for effective trading with the GBPUSD pair, demonstrating its broad operational prowess.