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AlgoScalpPro EA is a sophisticated scalping Expert Advisor tailored for the MetaTrader 4 platform, equipped with a loss recovery system. This EA has been rigorously tested from 2010 to current times to confirm its efficacy in various market scenarios. Testing prior to 2010 was not considered essential due to the high spreads and extreme volatility during those times. It reliably uses stop-loss strategies, complies with FIFO regulations, and avoids using Martingale, grid, or hedging techniques. Additionally, the recovery function of this EA permits a one-time increase in lot size.

Bitcoin Scalper AI EA MT4

Bitcoin Scalper AI is an advanced trading bot powered by artificial intelligence, specifically leveraging machine learning algorithms to discern intricate patterns and trends within the cryptocurrency market. Tailored for swift execution of buy and sell orders, it targets small price fluctuations to capitalize on profit opportunities. With its rapid decision-making capabilities, the bot ensures precise and timely trades, enhancing the likelihood of success. Its unique selling point lies in its adaptability and comprehensive analysis of vast cryptocurrency market data, setting it apart as a superior trading solution.

ET9 for MT4 V3.7 Without DLL

ET9 represents a high-caliber Expert Advisor (EA) designed specifically for forex trading, with a focus on optimizing performance for gold (XAUUSD) and GBPUSD currency pairs. This advanced automated trading platform utilizes complex strategies to ensure accurate trade executions. Features such as Dynamic Lots enhance profitability, while a Profit Protector mechanism safeguards gains. Additionally, it is fine-tuned for effective trading with the GBPUSD pair, demonstrating its broad operational prowess.


FX Sniper Autopilot EA, meticulously crafted by FX Sniper 24, epitomizes an advanced automated trading solution tailored to optimize traders’ activities. It executes trades with strategic acumen, aiming to swiftly yield profits. Upon acquiring FX Sniper Autopilot 3.0 EA, traders gain unrestricted access to indicators and templates, facilitating seamless trading across accounts. Positioned as a comprehensive solution for automated trading in both forex and cryptocurrency markets, it embodies a sophisticated approach to trading automation.  

KingSpreadFX Multi V1.5 EA MQ4 (Source Code)

KING SPREAD FX MULTI EA is an expertly crafted expert advisor (EA) tailored for automated forex trading within the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) environment. Its paramount objective is to consistently deliver profits with minimal user intervention, achieved through the implementation of advanced trading strategies, customizable parameters, and extensive currency pair compatibility. Designed to cater to traders of varying skill levels, it seamlessly integrates with the MT4 platform. Renowned for its evidence-backed performance, intuitive interface, and robust risk management protocols, it emerges as a trusted ally for traders navigating the complexities of the forex market.

Quantum StarMan V2.4 MT5

Quantum StarMan is a new, fully automated, multicurrency Expert Advisor (EA) from the Quantum EAs series. It is engineered to manage up to six dynamic currency pairs at once—AUDUSD, EURAUD, EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDCAD. This EA prioritizes precision and consistent reliability in trade executions.Distinguishing itself from others, Quantum StarMan does not use Martingale strategies. Rather, it incorporates an advanced grid system intended to optimize performance. This feature allows for both flexibility and safety in trading, offering users the convenience of closing all trades simultaneously.


ROBOT APOLO SCALPING EA stands as a meticulously designed Forex trading expert advisor, tailored specifically for utilization on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Harnessing a sophisticated adaptive algorithm alongside real-time data analysis capabilities, it adeptly discerns opportune moments for trade entry and exit, seamlessly catering to both scalping and intraday trading strategies with unparalleled precision.