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Gold High EA MT4 v4.0 NoDLL Works with Build 1420+

Gold High EA is a fully automated trading robot designed exclusively for forex trading. It utilizes diverse strategies to participate in trading activities with the XAUUSD (Gold/US Dollar) currency pair. This EA ensures automated execution and incorporates risk management measures. Users have the flexibility to choose between fixed lot or auto lot money management options, and each trade is safeguarded by a stop-loss mechanism.


Gold Hunt EA is an expert advisor crafted for MetaTrader 4, focusing on breakouts in the Gold market. It avoids risky strategies, using a genuine trading approach with advanced features and a strong stop-loss mechanism for effective loss management. Mimicking techniques of seasoned hedge fund managers, it emphasizes disciplined trading strategies.


Gold Hunt EA is a sophisticated Expert Advisor created for profitable trading on the Meta Trader 4 platform. It employs a strategy commonly used by hedge fund managers and includes a stop-loss mechanism to manage losses effectively. Notably, it avoids using grid or Martingale strategies. Instead, it specializes in trading the XAUUSD pair on the M1 time frame.

GOLD Impulse With Alert MT4 FOR BUILD 1420+

GOLD Impulse with Alert is an advanced forex indicator tailored for beginners. It amalgamates the functionalities of "Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT" and "Currency Strength Exotics" to assess currency strength acceleration, particularly for symbols like Gold, Exotic Pairs, and Commodities. The Impulse alert feature discerns the most favorable pair from 28+1 options, enabling users to fine-tune settings for increased signal frequency or stricter filters, especially in volatile market conditions. Compatible with all time frames, this indicator showcases strength or weakness impulses for the 8 main currencies alongside the selected symbol, such as Gold. Leveraging proprietary algorithms, it provides clear visual signals for

GOLD PECKER EA v7.3 MT4 WITH SET Build 1415+

Gold Pecker Expert Advisor is engineered for precision scalping in the gold market, incorporating an advanced algorithmic framework alongside a News Filter mechanism. This enhancement is designed to optimize profitability and diminish trading risks, rendering it an exemplary tool for traders aspiring to specialize in gold transactions via the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Gold Rush Pro Source Code (MQ4)

Gold Rush Pro stands as a meticulously crafted Expert Advisor (EA) catering to forex practitioners, with a key focus on aiding newcomers in navigating the complexities of the market. Designed for seamless integration into the MT4 platform, it specializes in automating trading tasks, with a primary focus on the gold (XAUUSD) pair. Employing sophisticated algorithms, this EA executes strategies such as Martingale, Scalping, and News trading, finely tuned for the fast-paced nature of 1-minute gold trading. Despite its specialization, it remains versatile, offering compatibility with various currency pairs. Notably, it features a paramount risk-mitigation mechanism meticulously engineered to protect traders' interests, particularly beneficial for those with smaller account balances.


GOLD SCALPER PRO EA is a fully automated trading robot for the XAU/USD pair on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. It avoids risky strategies like grid or martingale, instead using a classical approach with reasonable stop loss. The robot includes entry and exit logic, an optional ATR-based money management algorithm, and operates 24/5 with low drawdown. It is user-friendly, suitable for traders of all levels, and automatically manages trade positions on MT4.


The Gold Sniper Master Indicator is an MT4 system crafted for gold trading, with applicability extending to other assets and currency pairs. Renowned for its adaptability across various trading sessions, it stands out as a versatile tool for traders. The indicator's strength lies in its ability to produce signals that are neither repainted nor delayed, delivering precise information for informed trading decisions. Considered a game-changer in the realm of forex trading, it seamlessly integrates the finest elements from diverse currency trading strategies into an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Gold Trade Pro EA MT4 v3.3 Without DLL With Set Files Build 1420+

Gold Trade Pro EA is a Forex Expert Advisor (EA) engineered to automate and enhance trading operations specifically tailored for gold trading on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This specialized trading software is meticulously developed for gold trading (XAUUSD) while maintaining adaptability for a range of financial instruments and currency pairs. Its distinction lies in being an authentic trading strategy, standing apart from grid or martingale systems that may present themselves as AI or machine learning solutions. The EA utilizes trend-following methodologies, employing moving averages and multi-timeframe RSI indicators. It incorporates innovative features, such as the "DD Reduce" function, strategically designed to effectively mitigate drawdowns.

Golden Bulls Gold EA v1.2 MT4

Golden Bulls Gold EA sets itself apart with its cutting-edge signal filtering mechanism. By meticulously differentiating between potent and weak signals, the EA ensures that it exclusively pursues the most auspicious trade prospects. This strategic decision-making process results in a reduced frequency of market entries compared to conventional scalping robots, placing a premium on trade excellence rather than sheer volume.

Golden Pickaxe EA MT4 v1.53 FOR BUILD 1420+

Golden Pickaxe EA utilizes a grid trading strategy centered around mean reversion, integrating advanced machine learning technology to execute profitable trades within the market. Designed for MetaTrader 4, the system primarily engages with currency pairs associated with GOLD and functions within the M1 timeframe. By capitalizing on authentic market inefficiencies, Golden Pickaxe EA establishes a competitive advantage. Users have the option to seamlessly adopt the default setting (XAU Risky) or tailor the system to their specific preferences.


Golden Raven EA is the pinnacle of automated trading, meticulously engineered for the dynamic forex market. With advanced algorithms, it ensures precision and profitability, offering reliability and sophistication for MT4 users.