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Pip Scalper EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) designed for use on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. Named "Pip Scalper," this EA automates trading decisions using predefined scalping strategies. Traders utilize Pip Scalper EA to execute trades automatically, aiming to capitalize on small price movements in the market.

PipFinite Trend Laser MT4 V8.0 Without DLL FOR BUILD 1420

PipFinite Trend Laser Indicator is a powerful tool designed to help traders navigate the forex markets. Created by Karlo Wilson Vendiola, a renowned developer of trading tools and indicators, this indicator serves as a filter to assist traders in aligning with the prevailing trend and avoiding whipsaws and uncertain market noise. It is robustly designed to navigate market complexities, ensuring accurate trend detection. The indicator is applicable to any currency pair or timeframe, making it a versatile tool for traders.


PipFinite Trend PRO EA is an automated trading system that utilizes signals from the PipFinite Trend PRO indicator to execute trades. It offers customizable features for users to tailor their trading preferences, including entry and exit filters, along with higher timeframe analysis. These elements work together to enhance the overall effectiveness of the trading strategy.


PipGenius EA V18 is a fully automated multi-currency Forex robot made for MetaTrader 4 (MT4). It scans 23 currency pairs at once, adjusting to various market conditions. The EA employs pending stop and limit orders to detect potential trend shifts. Traders have the option to personalize settings like lot size, martingale, and auto take profit. Although it can yield profits, caution is warranted due to its Martingale strategy.

PIPS RIDER EA BOT MT4 V1.0 Unlimited

The PIPS RIDER EA BOT is an automated trading robot crafted for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. Tailored for major currency pairs and XAUUSD (Gold) in the Forex market, this EA employs algorithms and market-specific rules to pinpoint potential trade opportunities. Users can personalize settings like take profit, stop loss, lot size, and trade time. Geared towards optimizing forex trading strategies, the PIPS RIDER EA BOT is well-suited for proprietary trading firms and operates on a 5-minute chart timeframe (M5).

PLATINUM FX EA MT4 unlimited

Platinum FX EA MT4 is a trading tool or indicator crafted for utilization on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This widely embraced and complimentary Forex indicator employs a blend of moving averages and custom filters to discern market trends and produce trading signals. Tailored to serve as a dependable and effective resource for Forex traders, the Platinum FX MT4 indicator enables users to optimize their trading strategies and capitalize on market opportunities


The Poseidon EA is a specialized trading system meticulously designed for XAU/USD (GOLD) trading. Its approach involves in-depth analysis of market cycles, operating volumes, and price movements to make informed trading decisions. Utilizing trend analysis, the Poseidon EA generates volatility bands and strategically enters positions based on these analytical insights. The system incorporates essential features such as exposure management, drawdown management, and a weekly filter. It is advisable to deploy the Poseidon forex robot during periods without significant macroeconomic news events that could substantially impact asset volatility. The minimum recommended capital for optimal performance is €1000, and the system operates within a m5/m1 timeframe.


Prado is a reliable expert advisor specializing in precise execution of pending orders, prioritizing quick establishment of stop-loss and take-profit levels. Its standout feature is a versatile trailing stop function, providing enhanced trade management flexibility. What sets this Expert Advisor apart is its commitment to avoiding risky strategies like grids or escalating order volumes. Instead, it focuses on a cautious and strategic approach to intraday trading based on trend levels. Exclusive to the Meta Trader 4 platform, Prado operates with precision in the USDJPY pair, using the H1 timeframe for optimal performance. With a minimum deposit requirement of $100, it ensures accessibility without compromising on safety or effectiveness.

Pro Master EA MT4 With Set FOR BUILD 1420

Pro Master EA is a sophisticated software solution, often referred to as an Expert Advisor (EA), meticulously designed to support traders in navigating the complexities of the foreign exchange (forex) market. Integrated seamlessly within the MetaTrader trading platform, this EA offers advanced automated trading functionalities based on meticulously crafted trading strategies or algorithms. Empowering traders to execute trades with precision, analyze market data comprehensively, and proficiently manage positions, Pro Master EA aims to enhance trading performance and unlock potential profitability in the dynamic forex market landscape.


The Profit Maker EA is a meticulously crafted automated trading system tailored for the EURUSD currency pair on the 30-minute timeframe. Developed exclusively for MetaTrader 4, it employs a proprietary algorithm based on triangular moving average parameters. With its fully automated trading capabilities, sophisticated strategy, and customizable settings, this EA asserts itself as a prominent contender in the automated trading arena.

Profit Max RSI Stochastic Robot v3.2 MT4

The Profit Max RSI Stochastic Robot stands as a highly sophisticated trading tool, leveraging RSI and Stochastics signals for trade execution. Compatible with the Meta Trader 4 platform, it accommodates a diverse range of currency pairs. This robot distinguishes itself with customizable hedging and Martingale strategies, accompanied by integrated margin management to curtail impulsive trading. Notably, it features a unique capability allowing for the doubling of trade execution during profitable trends. Unlike many counterparts, it excels in both ranging and one-sided market conditions. With built-in hedging and Martingale options for risk management, this robot has undergone rigorous testing on live accounts, resulting in continuous enhancements and positioning itself as one of the top performers in the forex market. Operating on RSI and Stochastic signals, it executes trades with a well-defined contingency plan based on user-defined settings.

Prop EA MT4 V1.64

The Prop EA distinguishes itself as an innovative Expert Advisor (EA) carefully designed to meet the needs of traders facing various trading challenges. Employing a sophisticated algorithm, this EA utilizes a unique hedging strategy by executing buy orders in a challenge account and simultaneous sell orders in a live account. The primary goal of this method is to intricately manage the inherent financial risks associated with participating in trading challenges. Through strategic hedging, Prop EA aims to offer traders a sophisticated and efficient tool for navigating the intricacies of trading challenges, fostering a controlled and resilient trading environment.