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Trading Rush MACD Strategy 100x EA V2 MT4 and MT5 with Set

The Trading Rush MACD Strategy 100x EA is a specialized Expert Advisor (EA) inspired by Trading Rush's MACD strategy, as explained in a dedicated video presentation. Tailored for automated trading, this EA precisely implements the MACD strategy outlined in the video, leveraging the MACD indicator to identify potential buy or sell signals based on moving average convergence or divergence. The second iteration of the EA likely integrates enhancements or adjustments to improve overall performance and functionality. However, detailed specifics of the Trading Rush MACD Strategy 100x EA V2 with Set are currently unavailable on online platforms.

TrendMaestro Indicator MT4

TRENDMAESTRO excels in its capacity to promptly identify emerging trends, ensuring accuracy without errors. This indicator meticulously analyzes volatility, volumes, and momentum, precisely pinpointing moments when there is a surge in one or more of these data, signifying a high likelihood of prices following a new trend. The consistent ability of TRENDMAESTRO to identify new trends sets it apart, offering invaluable certainty in trading decisions.


TrendyFollow FX EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously crafted for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. Expert Advisors represent sophisticated software tools meticulously engineered to automate trading decisions in the forex market. This automation enables traders to execute trades based on predefined strategies or signals, alleviating the need for continuous manual oversight. Such functionality proves particularly advantageous for novice forex traders who may encounter challenges navigating the intricate timing and dynamics of the market.

Trilogy EA MT4

Trilogy EA MT4 revolutionizes forex trading with its advanced expert advisor, engineered for consistent gains in the dynamic market. Integrating cutting-edge algorithms and sophisticated strategies, it optimizes entry and exit points, ensures effective risk management, and enhances portfolio growth. Suitable for both seasoned traders and newcomers, it offers exceptional adaptability and superior performance. Download Trilogy EA MT4 today to embark on a transformative journey in financial trading and experience the pinnacle of trading excellence, where strategic sophistication meets unparalleled efficacy.

TS Prop Firm EA V1.0 MT4 WITH SET

TS Prop Firm MT4 is specially designed for HFT Prop Trading Firms to navigate challenging market conditions. It supports EURUSD, XAUUSD, and US30 with Low, Medium, and High risk levels. Prioritizing news protection, it avoids opening positions 60 minutes before and after high-impact news. Exclusively for MetaTrader 4, purchasers receive free updates, easy MT4-MT5 file downloads, and certificates from successful challenges with Prop Trading Firms. After purchase, send a private message for more details and an invitation to the private group.


TSR FX Master EA is an automated forex trading expert advisor (EA) meticulously crafted for the Meta Trader 4 platform. Employing algorithmic strategies, it thoroughly analyzes technical indicators across various currency pairs and timeframes, aiming to identify and execute high-probability trades. The system's scanning capabilities focus on market opportunities using indicators like moving averages, RSI, MACD, and Bollinger Bands. Additionally, TSR FX Master EA integrates built-in features for effective risk management, including stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop functionalities. This EA offers the flexibility to configure trading parameters according to individual preferences and provides valuable backtesting tools for performance evaluation.

US30 Omega EA MT4 + Setfiles

The US30 Omega EA stands as a sophisticated trading robot driven by Artificial Intelligence. Engineered to scrutinize the market, pinpoint ideal entry and exit positions, and execute trades with accuracy, it represents a cutting-edge addition to the realm of trading solutions. This EA effortlessly merges with the MT4 platform, ensuring user-friendliness and facilitating convenient trade monitoring. Operating autonomously, it enables users to redirect their attention to other life aspects while their profits steadily grow.

US30 Sniper Robot Promo EA MT4

The US30 Sniper Robot Promo EA is a finely tuned trading bot designed specifically for the US30 index, providing a unique advantage in the forex market. With a focus on precision in predictions and skilled navigation, this powerful robot consistently exceeds expectations. Its impressive track record is evident, having generated over $11,000 in a single month, making it a valuable asset for navigating through volatile trading environments.


VAPZFX PRO EA is a top-tier Expert Advisor developed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. It integrates advanced algorithms and finely tuned strategies to navigate and trade successfully in volatile markets. This EA boosts the effectiveness and profitability of automated trading by optimizing decision-making processes. VAPZFX PRO EA provides traders with real-time market analysis, extensive risk management options, and flexible trading strategies that adjust to changing market conditions, all aimed at maximizing potential returns. This powerful tool enables traders to consistently outpace market trends and secure exceptional trading results.


Veer OX HD EA is a sophisticated expert advisor (EA) meticulously crafted for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. As an automated trading strategy, it efficiently executes trades on behalf of traders, equipped with advanced features and customizable options to enhance trading capabilities. Installation entails transferring the EA file to the designated "Expert" folder within MT4 and subsequently selecting it through the program's interface for seamless integration.


VEGA AK47 EA is an advanced Expert Advisor (EA) optimized for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This software automates trading strategies, improving efficiency and decision-making in the financial markets. It features a robust framework that supports diverse trading actions and adapts to dynamic market conditions. The EA is available for immediate download, giving traders instant access to its sophisticated functionalities.


The Venom Ultra Sniper EA stands as a meticulously crafted expert advisor (EA) tailored for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. Positioned as a revolutionary force in the realm of forex trading, this automated system aims to achieve a consistent weekly profit of up to 7.5%, all while maintaining minimal risks. What distinguishes this EA is its adaptability, catering to traders of various expertise levels, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals. Its notable performance remains robust even in the face of dynamic market movements. It's noteworthy that the Venom Ultra Sniper EA operates without relying on strategies like hedging, martingale, grid, or arbitrage. Its default settings are deemed optimal, requiring minimal adjustments primarily centered around risk management and the magic number configuration. Optimized for a 1-minute time frame, this EA excels when paired with the GBPUSD currency pair.