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The Investment Innovator EA is an automated trading system designed with precision for real trading accounts. Its versatile nature allows it to function in either a fully automatic or semi-automatic mode, catering to your individual preferences and trading style. This system boasts impressive performance metrics and is specifically tailored for trading with the XAUUSD (GOLD) symbol. It seamlessly integrates with different account types, offering compatibility across various trading scenarios. To optimize performance, it recommends a leverage setting of 1:20 or higher, emphasizing flexibility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of traders.

The winner EA MT4 Unlimited FOR BUILD 1420

The Winner EA MT4 Unlimited is a carefully designed forex trading tool that distinguishes itself as an innovative solution for forex traders, presenting the possibility of outstanding results. This EA integrates clearly defined stop loss and dynamic take profit parameters for all trades, adhering to a one-trade-per-pair strategy without resorting to averaging or martingale strategies. Furthermore, it features a flexible and robust risk management system to provide enhanced control.


The WOLF EA distinguishes itself as an automated trading tool that empowers individuals from various backgrounds to establish a reliable passive income stream. This automated trading solution offers benefits such as eliminating human errors, saving time, and reducing emotional influences. The WOLF approach accommodates both experienced and novice traders, offering customizable settings and the potential for monthly earnings.

Tik Capital Bot T2.0 EA MT4

Tik Capital Bot T2.0 EA is an advanced Expert Advisor (EA) designed to seamlessly integrate with MetaTrader 4, providing automated trading capabilities with any broker. Renowned for its high accuracy, this EA boasts a remarkable 98% success rate and features a built-in news filter. The Tik Capital Bot autonomously executes both Buy and Sell trades, strategically incorporating stop loss (SL), take profit (TP), and trailing stop loss (TSL) levels to optimize risk management. This versatile system allows users to choose the number of multiple positions to trade, providing flexibility while maximizing profit potential.


Tinga Tinga Robot EA represents a state-of-the-art expert advisor specifically crafted for Forex trading on the MetaTrader 4 platform. This sophisticated tool is equipped with cutting-edge algorithms and offers adjustable settings that seamlessly adapt to fluctuating market dynamics. It is meticulously engineered to enhance trading performance, facilitating the precise identification of critical entry and exit points to maximize trading outcomes.

Top Bottom EA MQ4 V1.31

Top Bottom EA is widely recognized in the Forex market for its exceptional reliability and consistent performance, consistently achieving monthly profits surpassing 100%. It is particularly suited for traders utilizing FTMO or PropFirm platforms, receiving praise from satisfied users and boasting verification credentials from MyFxbook. operates on an adaptive volatility mechanism, ensuring adaptability to market conditions. It executes a single position at a time, implementing a carefully designated stop loss for risk management purposes. On average, it engages in four trades per day, each spanning approximately 12 hours.

TopBottomEA MT4 V1.31 no DLL Works with Build 1420+

TopBottomEA is an advanced automated trading robot tailored for MetaTrader 4. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, it autonomously analyzes real-time price charts to identify trade setups. Notably, it requires minimal manual intervention, managing trades seamlessly based on predefined logic. With a focus on supporting small capital, TopBottomEA boasts over four years of real-money trading, showcasing reliability and adaptability in diverse market conditions.


TPSpro RFI Levels EA indicator is a sophisticated tool designed for forex traders seeking precision and efficiency in market analysis. Compatible across various timeframes, from one-minute to monthly charts, it offers comprehensive insights into potential trade opportunities. Through its graphical and auditory alerts, it meticulously signals trade entry points, focusing on the concept of Reversal First Impulse (RFI) levels. These levels, indicative of maximum volume points capable of altering market trends, serve as crucial markers for trend reversals. Widely regarded as essential for forex trading, this indicator is seamlessly integrated into the MetaTrader Market, forming an integral part of a comprehensive trading application.


TPSproTREND PrO is a powerful trend analysis tool designed specifically for MetaTrader 4 (MT4). It effectively assesses market trends, providing valuable insights into their direction and fluctuations. Importantly, it generates precise entry signals without any repainting, enabling traders to make decisions with increased probability and accuracy.


Trade Assistant EA, developed by Evgeniy Kravchenko, is a versatile trading utility designed to optimize order management and enhance the efficiency of manual trading within the MetaTrader 4 platform. This tool excels in facilitating risk calculation per trade, simplifying the execution of new orders, and providing robust order management functionalities such as partial closing. It also offers seven types of trailing stops and other beneficial features. Over time, it has earned widespread popularity and is now considered an indispensable resource for traders at all skill levels.


Trade ATS EA is an automated trading solution meticulously crafted to streamline forex market analysis and augment trade decision-making processes. It furnishes invaluable insights into pivotal price levels, facilitating the swift identification of lucrative trade opportunities. Distinguished by a sophisticated algorithm, it adeptly pinpoints levels where institutional entities might liquidate retail traders, providing clear-cut entry and take profit recommendations. Seamlessly compatible with MetaTrader 4, it offers comprehensive support for both backtesting and live trading, empowering users to validate strategies in simulated environments and execute them confidently on demo or live accounts.


TRADE BOOSTER Premium EA is an advanced forex trading software meticulously crafted for the Meta Trader 4 (MT4) platform. The latest version, 2.2, represents a substantial enhancement over its predecessor, offering increased trading opportunities and the potential for larger profits. This system utilizes a sophisticated approach, integrating indicators like strength, high and low of daily candles, trend and momentum confirmations, along with the Advanced Currency Meter. These components work in synergy to empower the system to make informed and strategic trading decisions.