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EA Smart Machine V3.4 ,designed for the MetaTrader4 platform, represents a sophisticated fusion of automated trading methodologies and Volume Spread Analysis (VSA). This state-of-the-art forex trading instrument has demonstrated its proficiency through a remarkable performance metric. This tool is tailored for discerning traders seeking to leverage advanced algorithmic trading strategies within the forex market, emphasizing the critical importance of due diligence and comprehensive market analysis in optimizing trading outcomes.

Smart Market Structure Concepts MT4 V13.7

Smart Market Structure Concepts (SMC) is a term that has gained significant traction among price action traders, representing a relatively recent but widely embraced approach for navigating market liquidity with precision. This strategy focuses on identifying optimal points of interest in the market by attempting to discern the locations where institutional market participants have orders placed, whether on the buy or sell side of liquidity. By adopting this method, traders aim to uncover strategic entry and exit points through a nuanced analysis of price action, making it a practical and effective approach for navigating the complexities of the market.

SpaceX Gold Pro EA MT4 + SetFiles

The SpaceX Gold Pro EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) created by Galaxy Profit, specifically crafted for the Forex market and compatible with the MetaTrader 4 platform. Distinguishing itself from martingale or grid strategies, this EA employs advanced algorithms. Backtests reveal a maximum historical drawdown of 2%, with a monthly profit potential ranging from 15% to 40%. The primary goal of this automated trading system is to aid traders in navigating risks effectively and maximizing profits within the Forex market.

SpaceX Prop EA MT4 Source Code

The SpaceX Prop EA is a Forex Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously crafted to employ diverse strategies, including the analysis of Elliott Wave patterns, Fibonacci tools, and enforced exit settings. It promises a stable performance in various trading environments. The EA places a significant emphasis on risk management, advocating for a maximum drawdown of 3%. The recommended currency pairs for optimal results are GBPUSD, EURNZD, and EURAUD, with a preferred timeframe of 1 minute. To enhance performance, the suggested configuration includes leveraging above 1:20, maintaining a minimum deposit of $5,000, and utilizing a lot size of 0.10 or 0.15 per $100,000. Upon purchase, comprehensive installation instructions are provided, allowing users to apply the EA on both demo and real accounts. It is optimized for compatibility with all Prop Firm companies and brokers, and continuous online operation through a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is recommended for optimal results.

Sumber Rejeki Autotrade V2.3 MT4 + Setfiles

Sumber Rejeki Autotrade represents a cutting-edge Expert Advisor tailored for the MetaTrader 4 platform. Employing intricate methodologies, it discerns prime entry and exit positions, leading to a notable success rate in trading major currency pairs within the M15 timeframe. With its adaptability and nimbleness in the ever-evolving forex landscape, this EA caters to traders across all proficiency levels. Through its utilization of sophisticated analysis, Sumber Rejeki Autotrade endeavors to pinpoint high-confidence trade opportunities, striving to provide users with exceptional winning outcomes.

Tesla Lion EA V1.1 MT4 Unlimited

The Tesla Lion EA is an automated trading system and algorithm developed by LegacyFX, designed to operate on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Its primary objective is to secure consistent profits through algorithmic market analysis and execution. Specifically crafted for forex trading, this system integrates crucial features such as stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) levels for all initiated orders, ensuring a comprehensive risk management strategy. Furthermore, the Tesla Lion EA places a high priority on trade security, incorporating built-in measures for each transaction.

The Firestorm Odin EA V3 Pro With Setfiles

The Firestorm Odin EA distinguishes itself as a powerful trading robot designed specifically for the MT4 trading platform. Leveraging a combination of Price Action analysis and Support and Resistance strategies, it accurately identifies potential trading opportunities. This unique approach makes it a reliable and innovative tool, assisting traders in achieving their financial goals. Notably, the Firestorm Odin bot has showcased successful performance in a live 200k prop firm and has effectively navigated FTMO challenge trials, underscoring its capabilities and robust performance under real-world conditions.

The Gold Reaper EA V1.20 Mt4 with set

The Gold Reaper EA represents an advancement from the widely successful Goldtrade Pro. Operating seamlessly across various timeframes, it offers the flexibility to adapt trade frequencies from conservative to highly volatile. Through a suite of confirmation algorithms, the EA strategically pinpoints optimal entry points, utilizing internal strategies for risk diversification and mitigation. Each trade is accompanied by both stop-loss and take-profit measures, enhanced by trailing options that aim to minimize risk and maximize potential gains. Built upon the proven breakout strategy, this system is intricately tailored to leverage the inherent volatility of Gold.


The Investment Innovator EA is an automated trading system designed with precision for real trading accounts. Its versatile nature allows it to function in either a fully automatic or semi-automatic mode, catering to your individual preferences and trading style. This system boasts impressive performance metrics and is specifically tailored for trading with the XAUUSD (GOLD) symbol. It seamlessly integrates with different account types, offering compatibility across various trading scenarios. To optimize performance, it recommends a leverage setting of 1:20 or higher, emphasizing flexibility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of traders.


The WOLF EA distinguishes itself as an automated trading tool that empowers individuals from various backgrounds to establish a reliable passive income stream. This automated trading solution offers benefits such as eliminating human errors, saving time, and reducing emotional influences. The WOLF approach accommodates both experienced and novice traders, offering customizable settings and the potential for monthly earnings.

The Yellen Bot MT4

The Yellen Bot epitomizes Nurp's technological prowess, integrating advanced algorithmic strategies for Forex trading. Crafted by experts from esteemed institutions such as SpaceX, IBM, and JPMorgan, this trading software adeptly navigates the complexities of the market, delivering insights that surpass manual capabilities.

Tik Capital Bot T2.0 EA MT4

Tik Capital Bot T2.0 EA is an advanced Expert Advisor (EA) designed to seamlessly integrate with MetaTrader 4, providing automated trading capabilities with any broker. Renowned for its high accuracy, this EA boasts a remarkable 98% success rate and features a built-in news filter. The Tik Capital Bot autonomously executes both Buy and Sell trades, strategically incorporating stop loss (SL), take profit (TP), and trailing stop loss (TSL) levels to optimize risk management. This versatile system allows users to choose the number of multiple positions to trade, providing flexibility while maximizing profit potential.