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Scarlet Pro EA is an automated trading system developed by Oracle, utilizing the "Smart Scalper" algorithm. This algorithm incorporates price action, market trends, and a diverse range of indicators to make informed decisions on when to enter and exit trades. While Scarlet Pro EA is primarily designed for scalping in the financial markets, it can also be customized for swing trading. This EA operates seamlessly and can run 24/5, effectively addressing a variety of trading needs. It particularly excels in trading indices, notably US30, and is compatible with various currency pairs. Operating on the Meta Trader 4 trading platform, it is user-friendly and suitable for all types of trading accounts, whether for quick, short-term trades or longer-term investment strategies.

SevenDaysEA MT4 NoDLL FOR BUILD 1420

SevenDaysEA Expert Advisor is a comprehensive, fully automated grid system designed for optimal performance. It is configured to operate on specific currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, and NZDCAD. Rigorous testing on real trading accounts has demonstrated remarkable results. A live account signal named SevenDays has shown an impressive growth of over 1500% over 1.5 years of active operation, substantiating the effectiveness and reliability of the Expert Advisor in delivering consistent and substantial returns.


SFE IMPULSE EA is an Expert Advisor crafted for MetaTrader 4, specializing in pinpointing optimal impulse setups using effective rules and filters, complemented by adept position management. Although it's suitable for backtesting across different timeframes, live trading thrives on an M5 chart. With its user-friendly configuration, the EA seamlessly operates with default parameters.


SHARK PRO EA represents a robust automated trading system, meticulously tailored for the MT4 platform. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, it diligently scrutinizes market trends and executes trades with precision, adhering to predefined parameters. Developed by seasoned traders, its overarching aim is to leverage forex market dynamics adeptly, by accurately identifying trend reversals and breakouts to ensure consistently profitable outcomes.

Shepherd Harmonic Pattern MT4 V9.6 Without DLL

The Shepherd Harmonic Pattern is a versatile tool that combines both manual and automatic methods. It comes equipped with features for saving chart settings and customizable templates. The indicator is enhanced with an alert and notification system, signaling entry points, targets, stop losses, divergence detection, and recognizing price action patterns. Its seamless integration with Expert Advisors opens up opportunities for crafting potent automated trading strategies, offering a wide range of possibilities for disciplined trading.

Signalspro007 EA V13.3 MT4 With Set

The Signalspro007 EA is a robust Forex Auto Trading Robot meticulously designed for optimal performance. It aims for daily profits of up to 5% and a monthly return on investment ranging between 40-50%. This automated system employs a potent trend-following strategy, combining multiple trending indicators to achieve optimal results daily. In recognition of the common issue where 95% of traders experience significant losses due to poor money management with small gains and substantial losses, our Robot sets itself apart by aligning with prevailing strong trends. This approach minimizes risks while maximizing profits, leading to substantial gains represented by significant green pips.


Sing Main Main EA is a sophisticated trading tool designed specifically for MetaTrader 4, aimed at optimizing trade execution. Built upon a strategy revolving around two exponential moving averages (EMAs), it provides adjustable parameters to suit individual trading styles. This EA streamlines position initiation and risk management, incorporating functionalities like percentage-based and dollar-based cut loss mechanisms.

SMART HFT EA MT5 with set

The Smart HFT EA MT5 With Set is an automated trading system employing high-frequency trading (HFT) techniques with advanced parameters to execute trading orders with a high probability of success. Tailored for the Meta Trader 5 (MT5) platform, it is optimized for trading three widely-used currency pairs: US500, GBPUSD, and USDJPY. Featuring a flexible time filter, the EA selectively engages in trading when market conditions are optimal. Its optimal performance is observed on the M1 timeframe, ensuring swift and precise trade executions.


EA Smart Machine V3.4 ,designed for the MetaTrader4 platform, represents a sophisticated fusion of automated trading methodologies and Volume Spread Analysis (VSA). This state-of-the-art forex trading instrument has demonstrated its proficiency through a remarkable performance metric. This tool is tailored for discerning traders seeking to leverage advanced algorithmic trading strategies within the forex market, emphasizing the critical importance of due diligence and comprehensive market analysis in optimizing trading outcomes.

Smart Market Structure Concepts MT4 FOR BUILD 1420

Smart Market Structure Concepts (SMC) is a term that has gained significant traction among price action traders, representing a relatively recent but widely embraced approach for navigating market liquidity with precision. This strategy focuses on identifying optimal points of interest in the market by attempting to discern the locations where institutional market participants have orders placed, whether on the buy or sell side of liquidity. By adopting this method, traders aim to uncover strategic entry and exit points through a nuanced analysis of price action, making it a practical and effective approach for navigating the complexities of the market.


SoftechFX Funded Prop EA is an intricately designed expert advisor, catering to traders of all skill levels, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient trading experience. It provides five distinct presets customized for different funding levels, allowing traders to tailor their approach to meet their individual trading goals. Leveraging advanced filtering capabilities and specializing in the EURUSD and AUDCAD pairs, the SoftechFX Prop EA maximizes profit potential, minimizes risks, and capitalizes on lucrative market opportunities.

SpaceX Gold Pro EA MT4 + SetFiles FOR BUILD 1420

The SpaceX Gold Pro EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) created by Galaxy Profit, specifically crafted for the Forex market and compatible with the MetaTrader 4 platform. Distinguishing itself from martingale or grid strategies, this EA employs advanced algorithms. Backtests reveal a maximum historical drawdown of 2%, with a monthly profit potential ranging from 15% to 40%. The primary goal of this automated trading system is to aid traders in navigating risks effectively and maximizing profits within the Forex market.