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Blazzers Squid EA MT4

Blazzers Squid EA MT4 is an advanced automated trading robot specifically designed for compatibility with MT4 platforms. It specializes in trading across various markets, including Gold, a wide range of Currency Pairs, and indices such as Nasdaq 100 (Nas100), Boom Crash 300, 500, 1000, and Volatility indices spanning different levels. With its adeptness at navigating diverse market conditions, the EA operates efficiently on both 5-minute and 1-hour timeframes. To ensure capital protection, it is equipped with a stringent 4% maximum drawdown limit. Priced at $500.00, the EA reflects its sophisticated features and extensive market coverage.


Blue Pip Gainner EA for MT4 represents a sophisticated Forex trading solution meticulously engineered to optimize trading efforts. Utilizing cutting-edge algorithms and strategic insight, it seeks to maximize pip gains while effectively managing risks in the Forex market. Tailored for seamless compatibility with MetaTrader 4, this expert advisor equips traders with a powerful tool to boost profitability and achieve consistent success in their trading endeavors.

Bonnitta EA MT4 V1.42 FOR BUILD 1420

Bonnitta EA MT4 is a premium expert advisor for MetaTrader 4, employing the Pending Position Strategy (PPS) along with custom indicators and trendlines for automated trading. Developed by Ugochukwu Mobi, it offers exceptional performance over a 22-year historical period.


Bonnitta EA represents a sophisticated automated trading solution founded on the Pending Position strategy (PPS) and a proprietary trading algorithm. It synergizes a blend of bespoke indicators, trendlines, Price Action levels such as support and resistance, and the aforementioned advanced trading algorithm, meticulously calibrated for seamless operation within the MetaTrader 5 environment. Furthermore, the Expert Advisor incorporates cutting-edge statistical analysis and slippage control mechanisms, facilitating robust data management to mitigate broker interference and enhance overall trading efficacy.

Boring Pips EA MT4 FOR BUILD 1420

Boring Pips EA is an innovative MetaTrader 4 expert advisor that combines AI algorithms with traditional trading strategies like momentum and Fibonacci retracement. It aims to provide exceptional performance across multiple currency pairs while addressing the risk of overfitting.


Boston EA is a robust solution customized for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platforms. It simplifies backtesting by granting users the ability to modify multiple EA parameter files (Set files) within an intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface. With this tool, traders can effortlessly create Set files containing a variety of values, thus refining and strengthening their trading strategies.


Break and Retest Indicator stands as a sophisticated tool meticulously crafted for forex trading. Its primary function is to provide traders with precise signals regarding potential entry points, leveraging the strategic concept of price breakthroughs followed by retesting of support or resistance levels. Tailored for both novice and seasoned traders alike, this tool excels in simplifying complex market dynamics, thereby illuminating optimal trading moments. Particularly invaluable for beginners navigating the intricacies of trade timing and market analysis, it serves as a reliable guide in their journey towards proficiency in forex trading.

BRILLIANT PRO EA 2024 V4.2 MT4 Works with Build 1420+

Brilliant Pro EA is a premier Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously crafted for discerning Forex traders and fully compatible with the Meta Trader 4 platform. Designed for both novice and seasoned traders, this EA ensures seamless and precise trade execution directly on the MT4 platform, offering a user-friendly experience free from the complexities of DLL setup. Enjoy optimized performance and enhanced trading efficiency with Brilliant Pro EA at your fingertips.

BT Group EA GOLD PRO MT4 For Build 1420+ With SetFiles

BT GROUP EA is an automated trading robot that leverages sophisticated algorithms to execute trades. It can access news from and adjust its trading strategies based on scheduled news events listed on the site. With its ability to automatically identify market trends, BT GROUP EA executes trades in alignment with these trends, providing investors with consistent profits. This Expert Advisor supports multiple trading strategies, including scalp trading, swing trading, and reverse trading. It is exclusively designed for the Meta Trader 4 platform, operates on the H1 time frame, and specializes in Gold trading.


BTMM Swing Trader strategy focuses on understanding and leveraging the behavior of market makers in the Forex market. It aims to identify the impact of large institutions on market prices and highlights the different phases of market maker manipulation. This strategy aligns trading methods with the three-day cycle of market maker activities, enabling traders to make informed and potentially profitable decisions. A key tool for this strategy is the analysis of market trends, which helps traders make profitable trades based on factors like volume, price action, and market sentiment. Swing trading, which involves buying and selling stocks over a few days to several weeks to profit from price changes, is central to the BTMM Swing Trader approach. Overall, this strategy boasts a high accuracy and win rate, making it beneficial for both beginner and experienced traders.

Candle EA V1.70 MT4 (build1408) Without DLL

The Candle EA, or Candlestick Expert Advisor, is an automated trading system designed for MetaTrader 4. It focuses on analyzing and leveraging candlestick patterns in financial markets. Using predefined algorithms, it detects these visual representations of price movements to help traders identify potential trends and reversals. With built-in risk management features like profit and loss limits, the EA ensures a controlled and low-risk trading approach. Ideally suited for the M30 timeframe, it performs well on currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDCAD. The Candle EA aims to automate the interpretation of candlestick patterns, streamlining trading decisions for enhanced efficiency.


Cheetah FX, also referred to as the Cheetah MT4 Expert Advisor (EA), is an intricate trading algorithm crafted for the MetaTrader 4 platform. It utilizes a Grid Trading Strategy, methodically setting buy and sell orders at predetermined intervals to form an extensive grid of trading positions. This technique is designed to leverage market volatility for potential gains.