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AGI EA is a sophisticated Forex trading robot renowned for its comprehensive automation, making it accessible to traders of all experience levels. A key feature of this EA is its embedded self-learning algorithm, which continuously adapts to the market's dynamic conditions, thereby enhancing its operational efficiency.

Algo Pro Bot MT5 Unlimited

The Algo Pro Bot distinguishes itself as a comprehensive trading algorithm platform, uniting advanced tools, intelligent AI algorithms, and a dynamic community of traders to simplify the complexities of trading. Its primary goal is to execute a substantial volume of trades with high success rates and minimal risks across various time frames. This bot relies on a blend of indicators and strategies, all devised by its algorithm, to pinpoint areas with high-confidence trends. In doing so, it strategically engages in small, profitable trades while steering clear of turbulent and ranging price action. Catering to both novice and experienced traders, the Algo Pro Bot aims to elevate the overall trading experience and enhance success rates. Noteworthy is its Swing Bot version, specifically designed to target significant market swings, accommodating diverse trading preferences and objectives.

Arbiter Server Agent MT4

Arbiter Server Agent is an Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform, introducing a groundbreaking approach to forex trading through latency arbitrage strategies. Its focus lies in detecting and executing trades by exploiting price differences across different brokers, making it invaluable for traders seeking to profit from the fast-paced currency market movements. With Arbiter Server Agent MT4, novice traders can confidently navigate the complexities of forex trading, seizing arbitrage opportunities to make informed decisions while mitigating risks.

Arbiter Server Agent MT5 V4.68

Arbiter Server Agent MT5 is a state-of-the-art local forex arbitrage solution designed to optimize trading strategies and promote stability in currency exchange rates. Functioning as an Expert Advisor, it enhances the ability to effectively identify and capitalize on forex arbitrage opportunities, streamlining trade execution processes. Notable for its swift and precise transaction capabilities, this tool substantially improves profit potential, rendering it beneficial and accessible for both novice and experienced forex traders alike.

ATS Advisor EA MT4

The ATS Advisor EA is an all-encompassing automated trading advisor meticulously crafted to navigate the complexities of the Forex market, featuring a distinctive loss recovery system. This advanced tool strategically leverages significant level breakouts and incorporates an automated Stop Loss calculation (ranging from 200 to 400 points on a 5-digit scale) to safeguard your investments. Upon purchase, customers immediately receive access to download the EA, ensuring a seamless integration and empowering users with a potent and efficient trading experience.

BANKER EA BY POW Darren Hill V8.59 MT5 buil 4300

The BANKER EA by POW Darren is a fully automated forex trading system designed for the MetaTrader 5 platform. Utilizing algorithmic strategies, it scans currency pair charts for potential buy and sell opportunities. Developed in-house over the past 6 years, the EA incorporates multiple strategies to adapt to diverse market conditions. Tested and traded by its creators, the EA operates 24/5, enabling users to capitalize on trading opportunities without constant monitoring. The availability of a video library offers users resources for learning more about the EA, and the supportive community provides assistance in achieving trading goals. NOTE: Run the launcher.exe after the installation


Bonnitta EA represents a sophisticated automated trading solution founded on the Pending Position strategy (PPS) and a proprietary trading algorithm. It synergizes a blend of bespoke indicators, trendlines, Price Action levels such as support and resistance, and the aforementioned advanced trading algorithm, meticulously calibrated for seamless operation within the MetaTrader 5 environment. Furthermore, the Expert Advisor incorporates cutting-edge statistical analysis and slippage control mechanisms, facilitating robust data management to mitigate broker interference and enhance overall trading efficacy.

FT Sniper EA MT5

FT Sniper EA represents an expertly engineered advisor tailored for deployment on the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Its core mission revolves around the preservation of a favorable risk-reward ratio, strategically positioning potential profits to outweigh prospective losses. This approach underscores each trade as a deliberate step towards achieving financial objectives. Boasting a harmonious blend of algorithmic precision, customizable attributes, and robust risk management protocols, the FT Sniper EA accommodates a diverse array of traders, spanning from novices to seasoned professionals.

FVG Pro EA V1.7 MT5 Unlimited

FVG Pro EA, alternatively recognized as FVG EA PRO or FVG EA Pro MT5, stands as an expert advisor (EA) tailored for the MetaTrader 5 platform. Functioning on the principles of the smart money concept, this EA employs sophisticated methodologies involving fair value gap (FVG) and market structure analysis to pinpoint high probability trading opportunities. Offering a high degree of customization, users can construct diverse strategies based on market structure and FVG as entry criteria. Its primary purpose is to facilitate automated trading for users, capturing trades with an increased likelihood of success.


The FX Cruiser EA stands as an innovative forex trading robot crafted to enhance the trading journey. It operates seamlessly around the clock, engaging with diverse instruments such as currencies, gold, US30, and Nas100, ensuring heightened efficiency and dependability. Through rigorous testing, this EA has showcased remarkable monthly returns ranging from 7-12%, a profit factor within the 1.5-2.0 range, and an impressively low maximum drawdown of below 20%. These results position it among the top-performing forex EAs available. Key features encompass 24/7 automated trading, compatibility with MetaTrader 5, utilization of advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, analysis across multiple timeframes and currency pairs, flexible position sizing, robust risk management, and comprehensive backtesting data.


Gold Trade Pro EA MT5 is a specialized expert advisor (EA) crafted exclusively for automated gold trading on the Meta Trader 5 platform. Setting itself apart from other gold trading EAs that often rely on risky grid or martingale strategies, this EA distinguishes itself through the application of genuine trading tactics. Developed and offered by Profalgo Limited, it is founded on a bona fide trading strategy, making it stand out in the competitive landscape of gold trading EAs. The developer recommends an initial balance of $200 and advocates for an initial risk of 1% per trade. Notably, this EA is compatible with FIFO rules and offers customizable features, including trading comments, trading hours, maximum spread, and more.

GPFx SMC EA MT5 v2.0

GPFx SMC EA, or GPFx Smart Money Collector Expert Advisor, is an advanced trading tool that integrates state-of-the-art technology with vigilant risk management and thorough market analysis. Designed to function within the Meta Trader 5 platform, this EA is built upon the sophisticated ICT-TT strategy, executing intelligent trades based on predetermined TP (take profit) and SP (stop loss) levels. What distinguishes it is its automated lot size adjustment, dynamically adapting to the account balance. This methodology prioritizes capital protection and mitigates risks associated with excessively aggressive trading.