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4Ex Trader PRO Indicator MT4

The 4EX Trader PRO Indicator is a meticulously designed trading formula tailored to aid traders in identifying significant trends in the forex market, spanning both major and minor trends. Leveraging powerful trading technology, this indicator empowers users to capitalize on precise market predictions. With advanced features and unparalleled accuracy, it serves as a valuable tool for optimizing profits in forex trading. Delivering highly accurate signals, it proves effective across various time frames, including well-suited adaptability for scalping strategies.


Adaptive Trading EA is a multi-currency Expert Advisor using position averaging strategies. It features adjustable stop loss settings by either currency amount or account balance percentage. Regular profit withdrawals are recommended. Compatible with 4 and 5-digit quotes, it performs best on M30 to H4 timeframes. Using a VPS server is advised for optimal functionality.


Advanced Gold Trading V6.3 MT4 is an Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously crafted for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. While it is optimized for trading with gold (XAUUSD), its versatility extends to trading other currency pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The EA integrates several features, including trend trading, news filtering to steer clear of high-impact news events, smart time filtering to navigate unexpected market movements, and a scalping mode designed to avoid trading in specific scenarios. The primary objectives are to minimize drawdown (DD) and align with the prevailing market trend. The EA is available for purchase and includes a demo version for testing purposes.


The Aggressive Prop Firm EA stands as a powerful tool tailored for traders actively involved in live funded accounts, challenges, or personal trading endeavors. It offers two distinct settings for trading in gold and currency pairs, with a focus on single-position strategies and low-risk trading approaches. Its versatility is evident as it seamlessly integrates with numerous prop firms such as FTMO, Fundednext, Nova, and others, making it a flexible and adaptable tool for traders. Operating on the MT4 platform, it primarily supports trading in XAUSD and various currency pairs. The primary goal of the Aggressive Prop Firm EA is to empower traders to overcome challenges presented by prop companies, thereby enhancing their trading efficiency and profitability.

Algo Pro Bot MT5 Unlimited

The Algo Pro Bot distinguishes itself as a comprehensive trading algorithm platform, uniting advanced tools, intelligent AI algorithms, and a dynamic community of traders to simplify the complexities of trading. Its primary goal is to execute a substantial volume of trades with high success rates and minimal risks across various time frames. This bot relies on a blend of indicators and strategies, all devised by its algorithm, to pinpoint areas with high-confidence trends. In doing so, it strategically engages in small, profitable trades while steering clear of turbulent and ranging price action. Catering to both novice and experienced traders, the Algo Pro Bot aims to elevate the overall trading experience and enhance success rates. Noteworthy is its Swing Bot version, specifically designed to target significant market swings, accommodating diverse trading preferences and objectives.


AlgoScalpPro EA is a sophisticated scalping Expert Advisor tailored for the MetaTrader 4 platform, equipped with a loss recovery system. This EA has been rigorously tested from 2010 to current times to confirm its efficacy in various market scenarios. Testing prior to 2010 was not considered essential due to the high spreads and extreme volatility during those times. It reliably uses stop-loss strategies, complies with FIFO regulations, and avoids using Martingale, grid, or hedging techniques. Additionally, the recovery function of this EA permits a one-time increase in lot size.


The Alpha EA Incubator for Prop Firm Accounts is a specialized program meticulously crafted for the purpose of conducting technical market analysis and collating pertinent market data. This enables the execution of profitable trades on any currency pair and timeframe within the MetaTrader 4 platform. Boasting a remarkable accuracy rate of over 90%, this software employs an intelligent system to break even in the event of trades entering drawdown, thereby minimizing losses. Setting up the program is a straightforward process, requiring just two minutes for seamless integration. Moreover, its user-friendly interface ensures ease of operation, making it accessible to traders of varying experience levels.

Alpha Striker EA MT4 V4 + SetFiles

The Alpha Striker EA MT4 is a specialized automated trading system designed exclusively for the MetaTrader 4 platform. Built on a robust algorithm, it caters to traders of all skill levels, providing a mathematical model rooted in trade signals to identify optimal entry points. Beyond automated trading, it also offers essential analytics by analyzing data from the Forex market. Noteworthy is its impressive performance in the FTMO Challenge, showcasing its capabilities in meeting and surpassing trading challenges.

Alpha Striker US30 EA + SetFiles

Alpha Striker US30 EA is a cutting-edge trading algorithm designed for MetaTrader 4, featuring advanced AI technology. Its primary goal is to aid traders in overcoming challenges, offering a tool for achieving consistent profitability and improving overall trading performance. As one of the top expert advisors (EAs), it is widely recommended for addressing trading hurdles, especially in proprietary trading firms.

AR FOREX EA MT4 unlimited

AR FOREX EA MT4 is an automated trading application specifically crafted for engaging in foreign exchange transactions on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. Functioning as an Expert Advisor (EA), it employs sophisticated algorithms to scrutinize market conditions, pinpoint potential trading prospects, and seamlessly execute trades. The primary objective of AR FOREX EA MT4 is to consistently yield profits in the forex market by leveraging the power of algorithmic trading.

ATS Advisor EA MT4

The ATS Advisor EA is an all-encompassing automated trading advisor meticulously crafted to navigate the complexities of the Forex market, featuring a distinctive loss recovery system. This advanced tool strategically leverages significant level breakouts and incorporates an automated Stop Loss calculation (ranging from 200 to 400 points on a 5-digit scale) to safeguard your investments. Upon purchase, customers immediately receive access to download the EA, ensuring a seamless integration and empowering users with a potent and efficient trading experience.

Aura Superstar EA MT4

Aura Superstar represents a cutting-edge automated Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously engineered for currency trading during rollover periods. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning cluster analysis and genetic scalping algorithms, it pioneers as the premier multi-currency scalper integrating deep machine learning mechanisms, a multi-level perceptron, and an adaptive neuro filter alongside traditional indicators. With a proven track record of stability dating back to 2003, it refrains from employing high-risk money management strategies such as martingale, grid, or hedge methodologies. Compatible with any reputable ECN broker, it ensures a robust and secure trading environment.