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4Ex Trader PRO Indicator MT4 FOR BUILD 1420

The 4EX Trader PRO Indicator is a meticulously designed trading formula tailored to aid traders in identifying significant trends in the forex market, spanning both major and minor trends. Leveraging powerful trading technology, this indicator empowers users to capitalize on precise market predictions. With advanced features and unparalleled accuracy, it serves as a valuable tool for optimizing profits in forex trading. Delivering highly accurate signals, it proves effective across various time frames, including well-suited adaptability for scalping strategies.


Adaptive Trading EA is a multi-currency Expert Advisor using position averaging strategies. It features adjustable stop loss settings by either currency amount or account balance percentage. Regular profit withdrawals are recommended. Compatible with 4 and 5-digit quotes, it performs best on M30 to H4 timeframes. Using a VPS server is advised for optimal functionality.

Advanced Dashboard for Currency Strength and Speed MT4 Works with Build 1420+

The Advanced Dashboard for Currency Strength and Speed is a specialized trading tool designed to assist traders in identifying the strongest and weakest currencies in the market. Specifically crafted for compatibility with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, it currently supports 28 currency pairs. The dashboard provides real-time data on currency strength values and GAP-speed (Impulse) across various timeframes. Through color-coded values, the tool effectively highlights weak, strong, and extremely strong currency strength. The left column of the dashboard displays trend currency strength ratings for all timeframes, complemented by a trend alert feature. When three consecutive timeframes align, the corresponding blocks illuminate, indicating a consolidated rating. By seamlessly integrating technical indicators and advanced algorithms, this tool offers traders a comprehensive snapshot of the currency market. This information aids traders in making well-informed decisions, enhancing their ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of currency trading.

AF-DR.Scalper Pro+ Final MT4

AF-DR.Scalper Pro+ Final is an advanced Expert Advisor (EA) meticulously crafted for day scalping activities on the GBPUSD and GBPJPY currency pairs. Leveraging a combination of a daily range strategy and the AFSID Secret system, it targets a consistent monthly profit margin ranging from 5% to 10%. Specifically developed for the MetaTrader 4 platform, this tool incorporates features such as an automatic news filter, ensuring adept trade adjustments around significant news events for optimal trading outcomes.


The Aggressive Prop Firm EA stands as a powerful tool tailored for traders actively involved in live funded accounts, challenges, or personal trading endeavors. It offers two distinct settings for trading in gold and currency pairs, with a focus on single-position strategies and low-risk trading approaches. Its versatility is evident as it seamlessly integrates with numerous prop firms such as FTMO, Fundednext, Nova, and others, making it a flexible and adaptable tool for traders. Operating on the MT4 platform, it primarily supports trading in XAUSD and various currency pairs. The primary goal of the Aggressive Prop Firm EA is to empower traders to overcome challenges presented by prop companies, thereby enhancing their trading efficiency and profitability.


AGI EA is a sophisticated Forex trading robot renowned for its comprehensive automation, making it accessible to traders of all experience levels. A key feature of this EA is its embedded self-learning algorithm, which continuously adapts to the market's dynamic conditions, thereby enhancing its operational efficiency.

Algo EA Ai MC V2 MT4 unlimited

The Algo EA Ai MC trading system, leveraging algorithms and artificial intelligence, is intricately crafted for intelligent risk management and trading precision. With a minimum capital requirement set at $10,000, it upholds a conservative risk ratio of 0.1% per trade, dedicating no more than 3% of capital to each open position. Ensuring controlled trade sizing that does not exceed 0.2%, incorporating an intelligent recovery function, and implementing time filtering to capitalize on market opportunities, the Algo EA Ai MC offers a blend of flexibility and high performance. To sustain consistent results, regular monitoring and systematic testing are imperative. Furthermore, the system seamlessly integrates with MetaTrader 4 (MT4) for efficient and streamlined trading execution.


AlgoScalpPro EA is a sophisticated scalping Expert Advisor tailored for the MetaTrader 4 platform, equipped with a loss recovery system. This EA has been rigorously tested from 2010 to current times to confirm its efficacy in various market scenarios. Testing prior to 2010 was not considered essential due to the high spreads and extreme volatility during those times. It reliably uses stop-loss strategies, complies with FIFO regulations, and avoids using Martingale, grid, or hedging techniques. Additionally, the recovery function of this EA permits a one-time increase in lot size.


The Alpha EA Incubator for Prop Firm Accounts is a specialized program meticulously crafted for the purpose of conducting technical market analysis and collating pertinent market data. This enables the execution of profitable trades on any currency pair and timeframe within the MetaTrader 4 platform. Boasting a remarkable accuracy rate of over 90%, this software employs an intelligent system to break even in the event of trades entering drawdown, thereby minimizing losses. Setting up the program is a straightforward process, requiring just two minutes for seamless integration. Moreover, its user-friendly interface ensures ease of operation, making it accessible to traders of varying experience levels.


The Alpha Hype TrendPro EA is an expert advisor meticulously crafted for forex trading on the MT4 platform. Renowned for its modern approach to forex trading, this tool has garnered high praise from traders. Key features include 24/7 trading accessibility across a wide range of forex pairs, the potential to achieve up to 100% daily profit, and automated trading capabilities. It leverages advanced features to analyze market data and execute trades during optimal trading times, ensuring precision and efficiency. With the Alpha Hype TrendPro EA, traders maintain full control over their trading strategies. The comprehensive package includes the EA file, an indicator, presets, and a user guide.


Alpha Striker AI is an automated trading robot leveraging AI technology on the MetaTrader 4 platform. It operates with all major currency pairs, delivering optimal performance on GBP/AUD, NZD/JPY, and EUR/CAD within the M15 time frame. Alpha Striker avoids grid and Martingale strategies, featuring automated stop-loss (SL) and take-profit (TP) settings for each trade, ensuring a maximum daily drawdown of 3%. This Expert Advisor is suitable for live funded accounts and stands out as a high-performance trading tool, far surpassing typical options in the market.

AR FOREX EA MT4 unlimited

AR FOREX EA MT4 is an automated trading application specifically crafted for engaging in foreign exchange transactions on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. Functioning as an Expert Advisor (EA), it employs sophisticated algorithms to scrutinize market conditions, pinpoint potential trading prospects, and seamlessly execute trades. The primary objective of AR FOREX EA MT4 is to consistently yield profits in the forex market by leveraging the power of algorithmic trading.